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Our farm Albertvale has been in the family for over 250 years. It is a working sheep farm and had been a dairy and cattle farm. We are in the beautiful Eastern Cape Midlands district on the edge of the scenic Karoo Heartland and inland from Grahamstown. We are equal distance from Port Elizabeth and East London making weekend visits within easy access.

As a family we work the farm with a hands-on approach all being involved in every step of working the land. We have a loyal Border Collie called Flash who is a vital member of the team. We have varied seasonal work on the farm making visits at these times interactive for all. Lambing season is hectic but so rewarding with all the new lambs dropping daily and the need to keep a close eye on them all. Shearing time in the shed is a hive of activity and the children love rollicking on the bales of wool. Our landscape is mixed grassveld with thorntrees, birdlife abounds with flocks of Blue Cranes and various ducks and geese visiting us at varying times. The terrain is ideal for cycle trails and walking.

The farm garden is my haven and has areas of differing focuses. There is a therapeutic garden, a potager, formal vegetable garden, a moon gate garden, various wild paths and the English country garden main part. We concentrate on the Old Roses which do well with our brak water. Gardening is a challenge but we manage well by utilizing eco friendly, natural methods at all times. We try to work with nature and uses seasonal flow including moon phases for various activities in the garden.

We house a small home nursery of rare, old fashioned and perennial plants. I try to keep natural seeds to share. We pick all we grow and host seasonal cooking masterclasses on the farm showcasing the fresh produce in innovative ways. We rely on companion planting, mulching and natural plant immunity to safeguard the plants as no pesticides are used. Pop up workshops on compost making, plant propagation, seedlings, cuttings, planting methods, herb growing and natural fertilizing methods are often held at Albertvale. I will also consider travelling for larger events. The Cook’s Garden is my speciality and I have a blog with that name here. I believe food is our natural medicine and we can master our health by utilizing natures remedies. Click here to invest in your health.

Albertvale has a farmstay self catering home in the garden which is available for guests on booking.

For enquiries please contact Kim or Ian at kim@hellohealthi.co.za or use the quick enquiry form above.

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