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Gastronomic gardener, gut health guru, galavanting granny and earth advocate.


My name is Kim. I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa but have lived on a working sheep farm with my husband and 3 children in Bedford, Eastern Cape, South Africa, for over 30 years now. I am passionate about edible gardening and food plants. I am a creative foodie and cook by necessity (there were no grocery stores here when I arrived). I love to exercise daily, explore natural food based health remedies and work with people on solving various health issues. We are so privileged to be immersed in the natural earthly rhythms and seasonal cycles as we work with the plants and the soil. It has taught us to tread lightly on the earth and that nature has the answers if we allow it to flow and we live in harmony with it.

Early on we had a few health challenges in the family. I hated the one plaster fixes all approach to health, the overuse of antibiotics and the ignorance we all had to harmful food additives, pestacides and caustic domestic products.  I loathed that to garden “ well “ you had to have a spraying regime to keep all the bugs away. We embarked on a life journey of natural, food based education both for ourselves, our farm and our plants to improve overall wellbeing of our total environment. We adopted some simple lifestyle changes and the results are what I have to share on this site, supported by video on cooking, growing and thriving.

From these insights we learnt that the preventative approach to health is the only way forward. Building an immune system and healthi gut biome are paramount. We learnt to know what we were eating and how the right food can transform our health. Through changing our lifestyle choices we took control of our own health and worked in harmony with nature. My wish is to share any knowledge I have in order to empower all to take charge of your own health for optimal vitality and to thrive. 

If you are inspired to delve deeper for your own personalized health path please contact me for a 1-1 call to discuss where to start. I would enjoy to work with you. Click here if you wish to explore a 1on1 call.

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