Free Seasonal Cleanse

Free Seasonal Cleanse Hello Healthi Website

Gently cleanse from your own home. Our bodies respond to the seasons. We build up residue toxins, gut issues and lymph flow issues through time. Seasonal cleansing is an ideal way to gently ecncourage the body to flow and function more optimally.

1 on 1 Support – Personal Calls

Take charge of your own health today. Are you looking for a personalized health assessment to address your concerns, your ideal food choices, your weight,your hormonal balances or your disease concerns?

Retreat Bookings

Blanco Ayurvedic and yoga retreat – aligning your health choices to thrive Hello Healthi and Blanco farm near Takastad are offering a unique Karoo style retreat far from the madding crowd in the pristine environment of the Eastern Cape. This family accommodation farm setting is just the place for you to reset, rejuvenate and restore with […]

Sexy Spices Cooking Package

Cooking with and including spices in our daily lives is an age old culinary practice that we seem to have forgotten in our modern lifestyle. Spices have been shown time and again to be of vital importance to our optimal health and yet we seem stuck as to how to include them in an easy […]

Build your own Herb Garden

Picking your own herbs is therapy. Fresh is king and picking close to home is ideal for ultimate health benefits. Herbs release their power on picking and that power educes over time. Packaging also adds to the deterioration of the food. Your own herb garden can be as small as one big pot or as […]

Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition Basics

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life that has been around for over 4000 years. The approach to individualized nutrition, lifestyles and sleep pattern and marrying that to your food choices and balancing your life is quite unique and fascinating.

Winter Reset Course

For optimal energy flow. During winter our bodies are in a rather sluggish and stuck momentum. Ideally to prepare for spring and summer we need to declutter but in our daily lives but also in our body system, our digestive systems and our minds.

Back Reset Course

Free first session – try it out and see what you feel … Does that perennial back pain give you endless trouble ? We’ve got your back ! Hello Healthi offers a 6 series video on daily back exercises that are easy to do from the comfort of your own home. They are specifically designed […]

Thrive in South Africa

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