Gentle Winter Cleanse Intro

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The Winter way

Recipes to nourish and restore

In the southern hemisphere it is winter, which means many places are wet, chilly and bare. Anywhere the winter season is usually cold, windy, dry and grey. This brings with it certain feelings, behavioural patterns, change is body system functioning as we flow with the seasons. And it is learning to say yes to this continuous seasonal flow that is nature’s rhythm. Working with the universe is so much easier than working against it. In this gentle programme my wish it is brings you closer to yourself, comfort, gentle cleansing and a stage to be able to reset and resurge when you are ready in the spring season.
The five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth – are always at play everywhere in nature, but in any given season one or two dominate. In the season of winter, air and water prevail. Given that the elements of air and water are both cold, to balance their effects this season, we need fire / warmth and nurturing flavours .
Of course, most of us intuitively know this. We light fires at the hearth, stove, oven, or furnace. We add blankets, we drink tea, we stay indoors. What may be less obvious for warding off the winter chill is the need to stoke the inner fires of digestion and metabolism. There is often a slowing down of the digestive system at this time for various reasons.
This cleanse is based on the Ayurvedic way of eating and understanding the body functions and digestive optimal health
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