Creamed spinach and sexy spices

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Creamed spinach and sexy spices (3)

Creamed spinach or any greens. Remember you can add kale, sorrel, dandelion leaf, rocket etc Destem and steam spinach
Allow to cool a bit and squeeze out water then shred as shown last pic. The roux will have the spice. I melt butter and coconut oil combined ( nice flavour with coconut )
Remove from heat and add 1 tbs ur new spice. And u can add a tsp of mustard powder too and salt and pepper.
Also 2 tbs of flour of your choice
Stir off the heat. It will go yellow due to the turmeric. Good for u.
Add your liquid. Approx 1litre of milk or cream or stock water or a combination. I sometimes use older yoghurt and milk mix. You can also mix creamed cheese tub and then stock. Play around.
Stir in off the heat
Return to heat and stir till thick
Add in spinach now. I also sometime fry some onion in sep pan and add that now too
Cook for 10 mins to take out flour taste. Or pour into baking dish. Try not to top with yellow cheddar cheese. It ruins the flavour and u don’t need it

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