Delicious gut restoring soup

Just had to share the soup pot for today. Butternut, spent lemon half ( used the juice for my lemon water ) 1 x chilli whole, garlic, celery with tops , 1x whole Granny Smith apple. Core and all as the pips are so good for u , my spice mix, pink rock salt and […]

Beetroot and Citrus with Nasturtium Salad

Ok ok. Getting to the recipe for all. When u have that winter braai May be looking for new ideas with a bit a comfort to it. So here is a new potato, roasted beetroot and citrus salad.Boil potatoes and beetroot separately for approx 20 mins.Remove from water. Chunk up the beetroot to wedge shapes. […]

Buckwheat greens and seed bowl

So. All my grains or pulses or seeds I cook in a similar way. Water with lemons, ginger stick , some chosen spices and a chilli whole. Boil for allotted time and if they need prior soaking that is recommended. Today we look at buckwheat. It is not wheat of any form so good news […]

Roasted cauliflower, pepper, halloumi and tasted but salad

Roasted cauliflower, red pepper toasted nuts and grilled halloumi salad. Added greens of your choice. I used coriander and rocket. But shredded spinach would work too. You can sprinkle on toasted coconut flakes and drizzle with orange juice and olive oil. If no halloumi u can leave off or use feta or bits of blue […]

Harissa for that power punch

Making harissa today. Roasted peppers with THE spice mix and some oil. Garlic and chilli to taste. I also add ginger. Salt and add a sting pepper , paprika or ceyenne. They all give a diff undertone. A good squeeze of lemon juice essential. Can add a few fennel seeds for an interesting flavour.

Creamed spinach and sexy spices

Creamed spinach or any greens. Remember you can add kale, sorrel, dandelion leaf, rocket etc Destem and steam spinachAllow to cool a bit and squeeze out water then shred as shown last pic. The roux will have the spice. I melt butter and coconut oil combined ( nice flavour with coconut )Remove from heat and add […]

Quick delicious Rump kebabs

Homemade is always better. Just a tip with whole fillets. Often they lack in flavour. Rump being much more flavorsum. So we marinated the fillet chunks with onion pieces. Garlic, mustard, oil of ur choice chilli and some pomogranate reductionfor sweet sticky. Squeeze lemon juice. U can play around. You need the different flavors.  They […]

Cruciferous and turmeric vege bowl

Onion and garlic chopped and lightly fried in grape seed oil ( I am using that at the moment for my body type –  also has a high temp level before turning ). Add cauliflower chopped into chunks. Cool together for a while. – I put a lid on for a while just to get […]

Chicken L’orange stove top dish

So here being citrus time the thought was why only duck l’organge and not chicken. And leave the squeezed halves In the pan. I lemon sqeezed too and slices of ginger, whole fennel seeds and then some of my spice mix  but you can use coriander, cumin and turmeric and a pinch paprika powder mix. […]

Morning Banana Cinnamon bowl

Bowl is banana at the bottom topped with yoghurt of ur choice. Mine is coconut milk yoghurt at the moment. Then fresh berries of ur choice. Shake a bit more cinnamon ( great anti viral and fungal ). Some fennel seeds some toasted nuts or seeds and a dash of morninga or matcha powder if […]