Cruciferous and turmeric vege bowl

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Cruciferous and turmeric vege bowl

Onion and garlic chopped and lightly fried in grape seed oil ( I am using that at the moment for my body type –  also has a high temp level before turning ). Add cauliflower chopped into chunks. Cool together for a while. – I put a lid on for a while just to get the cauliflower softer. But not too long.

Add broccoli and keep turning while adding turmeric, cinnamon, ceyenne pepper and some coconut oil. Delicious with veges. At the end I added some fresh ginger. Always in my stocks. All into a bowl on top of ?  Rice, lentils, Dahl, or couscous. Your choice. Or none. Sprinkle with toasted seeds ( from your jar ). And a few toasted coconut flakes for crunch. It was so comforting. The heating spices all had a different heat and warmth. Layers of flavour. Good for the digestive fire which tends to be rather sluggish in winter. Play around and ring the changes. Use what U have for a good vege bowl.

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