Buckwheat greens and seed bowl

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Buckwheat greens and seed bowl

So. All my grains or pulses or seeds I cook in a similar way. Water with lemons, ginger stick , some chosen spices and a chilli whole. Boil for allotted time and if they need prior soaking that is recommended. Today we look at buckwheat. It is not wheat of any form so good news if you have a wheat allergy. Fabulous as a nutty flavour alternative to barley or vulgar wheat. In fact in texture about in the middle of the two.

It requires 20 minutes of cooking. Like rice. Turn off at end and leave lid on to let it swell.
When cooler. Fork through and. Add an oil of your choice. Look at grape seed or coconut oil perhaps with a titch of sesame for a difference. To this you can add anything.
Chopped greens as in rocket or spinach. Celery, lemon balm , peppers, pepper dews, chilli, lemon juice etc. also consider adding a seed like toasted sunflower or almond slivers. Black sesame also divine.

Keeps in the fridge for a long time. Eat hot or cold. Add toppings or have as a vegetable. Delicious.

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